The Ovation Square Project

There is good news! Over a decade ago, the Lord gave us a vision to fill all men with the intrinsic knowledge of Christ. That vision since then has seen to the transformation of villages, towns and the lives of thousands all around the world. Of which course, we bring you this glad tiding.Christ Commonwealth Community is a missions agency focused on carrying the unadulterated gospel of Jesus to unreached spheres. Since 2013 (through the International Ministers of Christ – IMOC platform) we have been to eighteen (18) unreached communities where we have won more than 2100 souls and planted several Christ-centered churches. We envisage by 2040 to plant 3000 Christ-centered churches and send out 3000 mobile missionaries to unreached areas.The Global Ovation Square is  our mission center   project tailored  for the training, nurturing culturing of these missionaries.

Below is a breakdown of the goal of the Ovation Square Project 

  • Urban & Rural Missions Training
  • Youth Development Resource and Vocational Training Centre
  • Church Meetings
  • Missions Administration and Correspondence Centre

The Lord is doing glorious things through our ministry, by His Grace.We are seeing great transformation in the lives of thousands of young people through our outreaches.As part of our outreach strategies. We are setting up a Mission Center this month, to train, develop and equip these young people we are reaching out to.

With a gift of GHC1000, GHC2000, GHC5000 and GHC10,000 or any amount you will purpose in your heart to give, our hands will be strengthened to complete this project.
This shall be a great win for the Kingdom and shall give purpose and meaning to many destinies.Thank you for being a blessing to the Kingdom.

To be a partner, kindly fill out the form below and you will be contacted and attended to.


Please Note: Details and updates of the project will be sent to all our Partners so you know the development, phase by phase.

Join this chariot of Kingdom Financiers who are churning missionaries out of the youth.

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