CHRIST COMMONWEALTH COMMUNITY is an apostolic-prophetic stream of life mandated to bring all into the revelation and demonstration of the fellowship and arrangement of CHRIST. This is a ministerial confluence of the SPIRIT and the WORD OF GRACE, birthed in such a time for the culturing (nurturing, developing and building) of  the saints unto MATURITY. The ministerial operation of Christ Commonwealth-Community is not founded on denominationalism, sectarianism or any other self-centred ‘ISM”. It’s fully Christ-centeredness (Christ is not divided).

Our functioning is for the benefit of the whole body. As Christ Commonwealth-Community we are divinely charged to reach and specifically establish all men into the participation of the divine life. Beloved, take advantage of the rivers of truth on this platform to grow deeply! Don’t just surf here, receive the LIGHT OF LIFE dispensed, so that you will be rooted and grounded in the Faith of Christ.

In the stead of the entire CHRIST COMMONWEALTH COMMUNITY, I welcome you to this wellspring of eternal virtues.


Apostle Benjamin Amissah Ansah
(Leading Presbyter)