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“There is river whose fountain shall make glad the city of God…” Psalm 46:4

CHRIST COMMONWEALTH-COMMUNITY is a ministerial confluence of the Spirit birthed in such a time to make glad (nourish and satisfy) the Church, the city of God (which is the body of Christ, the consummation of the divine plan).
We are an apostolic-prophetic stream of life mandated to bring all into the revelation and demonstration of the fellowship and arrangement of the mystery of God. Our flow of the Spirit abundantly satisfies men with the fullness of life in the commonwealth of Christ (Psalm 36:8-9; Eph 2:11-3 and 18-19) and producing an eternal fountain of life in they who are without hope, as they drink of the revelation of Jesus.
Jesus said,

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water” (John 7:37-38).

Every one of us being a fountain, overflows to greatly enrich the world, and even the earth (Psalm 65:9-10). The beautification of the city of God is entrusted to us. We are relentlessly supplying the day spring of life into every sphere. Through our happening, we fill the world with the knowledge of Christ as the waters cover the sea. Indisputably, God is building for Himself a people He cannot make decisions without, as He unveils the depths of His Mind through our apostolic and prophetic sounding of the word of His grace.

The hour is here and the time has come where history is to be corrected rightly. This not as of the time past where the focus of the Church was overlooked. Which was to the extent that, New Creations eventually began to engage in long disputes over doctrinal views which caused divisions and diverted them from the Lord’s commission to keep reaching unto all the nations. The unreached were left in their dark lives while Believers gave their concentration to the forming of religious councils to defend their doctrines, proselytizing people from one denomination to the other and brandishing themselves in their own religious ceremonies. We are raised in these times, to redirect the focus of the Church (sharing Christ and not religious views). We do this not only in words but in demonstration. As a ministerial team, we know we are what God is doing now. We are His body today, His Lips, His voice and His eyes. We “GO” that Christ can speak to the people through us. Wherever we are found, it’s an opportunity to express Christ.

As Christ Commonwealth-COMMUNITY we are not just a gathering or an assembly, we are God’s VISION and EVENT in the now.
We are revealing Christ, Our Commonwealth.


Every heart will be filled and saturated with the intrinsic knowledge of the fullness of the reigning life in Christ and to establish the global Church in her essence.
All will be cultured with Christ (who is the substance of OUR MESSAGE), that they will come unto maturity; the Complete Expression of the CHRIST LIFE, nothing more! Nothing Less!

Our Mission

To culture (equip and build up) many, to be demonstrators of the knowledge of the Fullness of Christ and His Church-life to the world.

  • Christ Commonwealth Community (CC-Community) is God’s wisdom to reach the saved and unstable new creations to grow in the all-inclusiveness of Christ.
  • Through CC-Community all will walk in the consciousness of Christ and not denominationalism or institutionalism. Making people to be Christ-occupied and not Self-occupied.
  • CC is the practical grounds for demonstrating the Body-life to the CHURCH.
  • CC is turning many to righteousness, making them God-kind and alive in their enthroned life. Through the administration of the word of grace and the ministry of righteousness, people will function as reigning kings in their sphere of contact.
  • In CC, everyone is seen as a minister (steward or custodian) of the revelation of Jesus and we complement each other to fulfil God’s plans and purposes for our lives
  • Through CC, we are reaching souls at all cost by grace and raising them as heirs of God and masters of the world. . CC is an expeditionary ministerial force. Every single person or member is regarded as a missionary to his/her immediate sphere of contact.
  • In the church meetings members are equipped for the variegated ministerial opportunities.
  • We have a Ministerial Chariot of Grace to turn on the divine course in many.
  • With an atmosphere of Love and joy we fellowship in the Oneness of the Spirit.
  • Christ Commonwealth Community is a home of Love and Grace for all.