The Weakness of the Religious Right

While our National government was not formed explicitly Christian, each and every colony which comprised it was, thus explicit Christianity is the root from which the National tree sprang. That said, in seeking to fight a war for religious freedom using the weak weapon of legislation, the “Religious Right” is disavowing its greatest weapon, which is the power of preaching. This same tactic is what got them where they are. America was initially a divinely fortified network of Christian commonwealths. It was progressively weakened, beginning around the time of Independence, as a result of being seduced by an Enlightenment-based theory of government emphasizing the rights of man, as opposed to the traditional emphasis on duty to God. Preachers such as Leland, and politicians such as Jefferson all played a part. As a consequence, preaching stressing the exclusiveness of Christ as the only way to the Father, and stressing the Lord’s command to have no other gods before Him, gradually fell by the wayside. The emphasis shifted instead, to freedom for men to believe whatever they wanted. If recovery of the city on a hill is what the Religious Right desires, they simply need to recover the power of preaching Christ…as Lord.


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