Where There’s No Prophetic Voice The People Perish

Our moral nature sets us apart from the animals—a shark does not deliberate whether it’s right or wrong to bite off your leg!  We’ve been created in the image of Morally Perfect—Good—God.  Regrettably though, our moral nature has been genetically corrupted, such that our hearts are naturally repulsed by God’s perfect morality as revealed in Scripture.  We deserve the wrath of God!

We don’t like to hear it.

Thankfully, Christ did not come to condemn the world, but to save it.  For this very purpose Christ arranged and suffered an unjust and undeserved death penalty.  He did it to satisfy God’s wrath on our behalf!  He did it to set us free to hunger and thirst to do all God declares right.  He did it so that we could be preserved.

Referring to the Life-infusing power of every word that proceeds from his mouth, Christ specifically informed his first preachers they were the preservative of the earth.  He then sent them out to strategically preach his Word to all the nations on the planet.  The Prophetic Voice* was unleashed.

The Prophetic Voice is that aspect of God’s Word that seeks to correct and morally instruct.  In short, it seeks to preserve.  Absent the Prophetic Voice, nations are consigned to morally rot and ultimately fall under the judgement of God, no matter if naturally appealing aspects of the Bible are being taught.  This applies to individuals and families as well.  It should be obvious the Prophetic Voice has been largely missing from our nation for some time.  It has been effectively silenced by market forces and consumer demand.

Christ Commonwealth Community Forum is an attempt to restore the Prophetic Voice to at least one spot in our nation, so that our marriages and families would be preserved.  We enthusiastically invite you and your family to join us in this preservation pursuit!

Doug Walton, CCCF Lead

* The term “Prophetic Voice” comes from Dr. Carlton McLeod’s book, The Playbook: Five Strategic Plays to Restore the Prophetic Voice of the Church in America